That rumble you hear is the sound of hot rods and street rods, old Detroit metal and new "late models." Since 1995, the Hot Rod Power Tour has been crisscrossing America. The Power Tour is a motorhead's "dream vacation." It's back roads and small town, big cities and quarter-mile speedways, crusin', chillin' and enjoyin'. Enjoy the sights and sounds.

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Hot Rod Power Tour 2019

The 2019 Hot Rod Power Tour was a 25th Anniversary celebration of the world’s largest traveling car show. 7 days, 7 cities, and three new venues. We took to the highway in our 1936 Chevrolet. What a ride!

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Hot Rod Power Tour 2016

Go West, young hotrodder, go West." The 2016 Hot Rod Power Tour begins in Louisiana before running West to Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. We've made some mods to our Impulse Blue 2006 Pontiac GTO for this trip. A new cam, intake, throttle body, custom tune, and long tube headers are helping this goat run with 525 horses.

  • Saturday, June 11: Gonzales, LA

  • Sunday, June 12: Baytown, TX

  • Monday, June 13: Austin, TX

  • Tuesday, June 14: Grand Prairie, TX

  • Wednesday, June 15: Oaklahoma City, OK

  • Thursday, June 16, Wichita, KS

  • Friday, June 17, Kansas City, KS

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Hot Rod Power Tour 2015

The 2015 Hot Rod Power Tour is the 21st running of the world's largest road trip. Thousands of cars from America and beyond will journey from Madison, Wisconsin to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This year will be riding a blue goat. Our blue 2006 Pontiac GTO, aided by more than 400 ponies, will help us make the long haul.

  • Saturday, June 6: Madison, Wisconsin

  • Sunday, June 7: Champaign, IL

  • Monday, June 8: Madison, IL

  • Tuesday, June 9: Memphis, TN

  • Wednesday, June 10: Hoover, AL

  • Thursday, June 11: Gulfport, MS

  • Friday, June 12: Gonzales, LA

  • Saturday, June 13: Long Haulers Award Day

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Hot Rod Power Tour 2014

The 2014 Hot Rod Power Tour marks the twentieth year the rumbling caravan of American muscle motors across America. The tour begins in Concord, North Carolina and weaves its way north to the Wisconsin Dells. Here is a day-by-day overview of the ultimate Hot Rod experience.

  • Saturday, June 7: Concord, NC
    Max Dragway at Charlotte Motor Speedway

  • Sunday, June 8: Knoxville, TN
    Chilhowee Park

  • Monday, June 9: Charleson, WV
    Downtown on the River Front

  • Tuesday, June 10: Norwalk, OH
    Summit Motorsports Park

  • Wednesday, June 11: Crown Point, IN
    Lake County Fairgounds

  • Thursday, June 12: Bettendorf, IA
    Isle Casino Hotel

  • Friday, June 13: Wisconsin Dells, WI
    Chula Vista Resort

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Hot Rod Power Tour 2013

The 2013 Hot Rod Power Tour was a wonderful sweep across middle America. This trip was a double treat. We left Florida for Memphis for our youngest son's wedding. Then we hit the open road for Arlington, Texas. Our fourth Hot Rod Power Tour long haul was also a first. We took Shannan's `96 Impala aka GRMAZ SS (her license plate) for this 4000 mile road trip: Boca to Memphis to Arlington to Charlotte to Boca. Yeah, a long haul. You can see some of our adventures below.

  • June 1: Arlington, TX (Univeristy of Texas at Arlington)

  • June 2: Texarkana, AR (Four States Fairgrounds)

  • June 3: Little Rock, AR (Arkansas State Fairgrounds)

  • June 4: Memphis, TN (Memphis International Raceway, Millington)

  • June 5: Birmingham (Hoover), AL (Hoover Metropolitan Stadium)

  • June 6: Chattanooga, TN (Chattanooga State College)

  • June 7: Concord, NC (Charlotte Motor Speedway)

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Hot Rod Power Tour 2012

The 2012 Hot Rod Power Tour took us from Motor City, USA to Arlington, Texas. Enjoy the ride.

  • June 2, Detroit, MI — GM Proving Grounds, Milford

  • June 3, Muskegon, MI — Downtown Muskegon

  • Jun 4, Champaign, IL — Assembly Hall, University of Illinois

  • June 5, Madison, IL — Gateway Motorsports Park

  • June 6, Miami, OK — Buffalo Run Casino

  • June 7, Stillwater, OK — Kicker Corporate Complex

  • June 8, Arlington, TX — QuikTrip Park

  • June 9, Arlington, TX — TX Long Haulers Ceremony (Location TBD)

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Hot Rod Power Tour 2011

The 2011 Hot Rod Power Tour was a long haul and a blast. Starting in our home state, we figured "This is going to be easy!" Not the case. A suprise celebration for Shannan's dad meant we were in for the VERY LONG HAUL. We checked into on Saturday, June 4. Then it was a quick run to the Orlando Airport, flight to Memphis for the Memphis birthday party, then a quick flight back to Orlando that night so we could depart with the Tour on Sundyay morning. It was worth every mile traveled. You can catch the sights and sounds in this category.

  • Saturday June 4, Cocoa Beach, FL Port Canaveral

  • Sunday June 5, Valdosta, GA South Georgia Motorsports Park

  • Monday June 6, Montgomery, AL Montgomery Motorsports Park

  • Tuesday June 7, Nashville, TN LP Field

  • Wednesday June 8, Indianapolis, IN Indianapolis Motor Speedway

  • Thursday June 9, Muskegon, MI Downtown Muskegon

  • Friday June 10, Detroit, MI Metro Beach Metropark

  • Saturday June 11, Detroit, MI Long Haulers Ceremony (Location TBD)

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Hot Rod Power Tour 2010

In this Category you'll find our highlights and stories from the 2010 Hot Rod Power Tour. We left Boca and traveled to Newton, Iowa and then came all the way home. Along the way we experienced a lot of scene like this one — The Bowtie Caravan.

The Hot Rod Power Tour `10: Newton, IA to Springfield, IL to Du Quoin, IA to Springfield, IL to Bowling Green, KY to Chattanooga, TN to Birmingham, Al to Mobile, AL. This was our first Power Tour.

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