Top Ten Most Unusual Sightings on the HRPT

This `39 Chevy Rat Rod has been in the owner’s family for 64 years. Sighting: Bowling Green, Kentucky

I just didn’t expect to see this. Bobby Cleveland’s little rider mowed down the competition at Bonneville. Sighting: Newton, Iowa

Driving through Keokuk, Iowa was an absolute blast. The town lined Main Street to watch the rodders run. As you can see EVERYONE was there!  Sighting: Keokuk, Iowa

We were rolling through Carthage, Illinois when we came to an intersection and this sign. A Mustang two cars ahead of us took up the offer. The driver lit it up. Smoke was blowing everywhere and the crowd was loving it. At the next intersection, the good-natured officers of the law took it all in stride. Just another day on the Power Tour. Sighting: Carthage, Illinois

Vanity tags were everywhere on the Hot Rod Power Tour. We started keeping a list. This one caught my attention because it was on a Mazda. Cool tag, but come on . . . a Mazda?! Sighting: Bowling Green, Kentucky

This beautiful hot rod Edsel wagon was a head-turner. Sighting: Chattanooga, Tennessee

This is one of my favorites. The claim to fame was sitting on the windshield of a Ford F-150. This Louisiana truck has "left his mark" in 14 states. Cool!  Sighting: Bowling Green, Kentucky

The Pro Street was a long way from home. I imagine if you could just point it in a straight line, it could get back pretty quickly. Sighting: DuQuoin, Illinois

We ran into the guy a lot! Inside, I'm thinking, "Dude, you're driving a PT Cruiser for crying out loud." Then I saw how many times he has long-hauled. I shut my mouth and saluted! Sighting: On the road to Mobile, Alabama.

We were walking near the vendor's avenue in our Tennessee stop. All the big boys were there. Lots of people mingling. Vic Edelbrock was signing autographs. David Freiburger was probably running around shooting pictures. And here comes the little girl in the tutu. You go girl! Sighting: Chattanooga, Tennessee