Long Haulers!

We did it! 1370.1 miles* of asphalt, caravans, small town receptions, local dining, new friends, missed roads, late nights followed by early morning driver's meetings, vendor stops, autocross racing, t-shirts, multiple-car washing, daily detailing, and lots and lots of beautiful cars . . . we arrived at downtown Mobile, Alabama.

On Saturday morning we joined the rest of the Long Haul Gang at Battleship Memorial Park for our group picture aboard the U.S.S. Alabama. Click here to see more pictures from the Long Hauler Awards.

*Actually, Shannan and I put about 4,000 miles on the little SS this trip. That included traveling to Newton, Iowa via the back roads for the start of the tour, a stopover in Memphis to see Joel and Zachary, and a final stop in Biloxi, Mississippi on the way home to visit Paul, Sarah, and Summer. We watched our odometer climb past the 130,000 mile mark. The experience was worth every mile of this trip -- especially since we got to take it together!