Rodders On The Run (Top 10)

There were so many beautiful cars to see along the highway. It was tough to pull just 10, but these represent some of both the uniqueness of the hot rods on the road and the Power Tour itself. Enjoy.

#10 - Bumpers Drive-in sits on Highway 70 between Bowling Green, KY and Chattanooga, TN. The place was loaded with hot rods. This 68 Charger was just one of many rides that filled up the bays.

#8 - Chilling Out

#9 - Cars can be pretty, right? We passed this beauty on Day 7 as we heading to downtown Mobile and the conclusion of the Tour.

#8 - It was quite common for guys to pull off the road and just chill as other rodders rumbled by on their way to the next city.

#7 - Batwings stopped in front of us and we snapped the picture through the windshield, consequently we didn't do the car justice. There were SO MANY vanity plates. More on that down the road.

#6 - The early Chevy Van was classic grunge. We loved the fact that people brought all kinds of vehicles on the Hot Rod Power Tour.

#5 - Purple Plymouth. Look closely and you will see the Handicap license plate. Gotta love it!

#4 - It isn't every day you look at your rear view mirror and find this kind of view.

#3 - We got off the beaten path on Day 2 due to a traffic jam. A local trucker told us a way to bypass the traffic. Not sure it was much quicker, but we spotted this abandoned Chevrolet dealership. The drivers of the Chevy II's were also on the "short-cut" with us. Their cars looked perfect in front of the old building.

#2 - This silver Riviera was gorgeous. We have another picture of it that is equally cool.

#1 - There was no substitute for running with a caravan. We were the new Chevy behind the grownups.