HRPT2019 (Day 5 - Indianapolis, IN) -- Red, White, and Blue

The Route: Kentucky Speedway, Sparta, KY to Lucas Oil Speedway, Indianapolis, IN

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The Drive . . .

Hot rods in the hotel parking lot is one of the benefits of the Power Tour, so is running into friends (Mike in the red Vette), beautiful scenes, side-road excursions (The Story Inn), gas stop road shows, car guys and gals who line the streets, folks lending a hand for repair stops on the highway, enjoying the open road, making it to the venue, punching our credentials, and spending time with family at the end of the day.

The Rides . . . Red, White, and Blue

We enjoyed “second breakfast” at the Story Inn (“One inconvenient location since 1851”) on our way to Indianapolis, putting us at Lucas Oil Speedway later than usual. Time was short but I was able to catch a few cars, including these arrayed in red, white, and blue.

Pictures of the day . . .

We met John and Jonathan in Indy. The hot rod builders from Georgia loved the Octogenarian and I enjoyed capturing the Wild Pearl, one of their builds.