HRPT2019 (Day 4 - Sparta, KY) -- Instrumentation

The Route: Bristol Speedway, Bristol, TN to Kentucky Speedway, Sparta, KY

Map Credit: Hot Rod Magazine

Map Credit: Hot Rod Magazine

The Drive . . .

After enduring the wet and winding path to Bristol, we got beautiful weather and a sunny day at the Kentucky Speedway in Sparta, Kentucky.

The Rides . . . instrumentation!

Car folks like knowing what’s going on under the hood and on the road. We like to measure speeds, temps, and pressures . . . and for that we need instrumentation. Instrumentation is the delicate dance of functionality and artistry. In the gallery below each gauge panel is followed by the car in which it resides. How well do you know your gauge clusters?

My favorite pictures of the day . . .

Near the end of our day Shannan spotted the winners lane and coaxed me into driving the ‘36 over for a glamor shot. I saw the Buick Special (one of my favorite rides) against the brilliant sky and had some fun pulling colors out of the patina.