HRPT16 (Wichita) - Truckin' On The Tour

The Power Tour is the drive and the destination. Rolling art graces the highways. Gas stations become car shows and places to meet new friends, whetting the appetite for all that we'll enjoy at the venue. Day 6 was good times on the highway and at the Kansas Pavilions.

The folks of Tonkawa and Blackwell, Oklahoma treated us royally. Tonkawa residents welcomed us with bottled water, hot dogs, and ice cream at Ray See Park. The park became its own car show for the day. Kind folks at Tonkawa passed out homemade cookies as we rolled through their town.

The road was straight and boring on this leg, but the sights, sounds, and smells of Oklahoma and Kansas countryside were delightful.

And then there were the trucks. Perhaps it was the Wichita countryside that inspired so many pick-em-ups. The Kansas Pavilions wasn't all trucks, but there were a lot.

And yes, there were some pretty sweet cars too. This Auburn Speedster was one of my favorites.