HRPT16 (Kansas City) - Down On The Corner

Serendipity is one of the fringe benefits of the Hot Rod Power Tour. Day 7 we experienced it at Cottonwood Street and 4th.

A rumble broke the morning calm. The 466 souls in Strong City, Kansas were treated to an automotive round-up across the Great Plains of Kansas. As rodders rolled down Cottonwood, past admiring residents, past Doug's Flowers and Gifts, past the Post Office, and past the grocery and hardware stores, they came to the intersection of Cottonwood and 177 Scenic.

Rounding the corner, just to the driver's side, sat an old filling station turned hot rod shop.

The intersection was the perfect studio for capturing cars making the turn, appreciating the potential in the parking lot, and enjoying what would be a burnout station for drivers before heading out of town.

Vintage rides, a brick backdrop, and a corner filling station had many pining for simpler times.

We paused in Strong City for quite some time, but like this old Chevy it was time to head north and get on down the road.

As we traveled to Kansas City, we enjoyed a stop in Burlingame, home of the widest brick Main Street in the United States.

The railroad overpass coming out of Burlingame formed a nice backdrop to capture hot rodders leaving the city. I set up my long lens and was able to photograph these beauties:

Every day on the Hot Rod Power Tour means meeting great people and seeing some interesting sites along the road. This is some of what we witnessed on day 7 . . .

After 224.8 miles following a winding road with spectacular sights, sounds, and people we arrived at Kansas City Speedway. We enjoyed more cars, time with great people, and the closing ceremony where I won (story to come later) a spectacular EFI unit from Holley.

The 2016 Hot Rod Power Tour marks the 7th time Shannan and I have gone the distance, enjoying the distinction (with so many others) of being a part of The Long Haul Gang.